Impress The Empress



Yang Gui Fei (杨贵妃)



Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, TV Adaptation 龍門飛甲

Michelle Ye, Nie Yuan, Johnny Zhang, Mao Junjie, director Cai Jingsheng (蔡晶盛) (upcoming wuxia in 2014 is in post-production 40 episodes)…

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Hanfu (Ruqun)

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Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步惊情>

Past meets the present in these beautiful stills from Bu Bu Jing Qing with Siyi and Rouxi. More reasons to watch this despite the new plot lines.

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ten relationship words that aren’t translatable into english

(10) Yuanfen (Chinese): A relationship by fate or destiny.

Whatever line of fate that tied herself and Xiao Yan Zi must have ran some great, interminable length…Perhaps it would have been impossible for her to have missed that wedding, because such an extraordinary meeting, with such an extraordinary person, could only have been the result of some force greater than just chance. [x]

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Xian Xia Sword 仙侠剑 2014

Jiang Yi (蒋毅)
Liu Tingyu (刘庭羽) – He Yufeng
Xu Shendong (徐申东)
Lu Yu lin (陆昱霖) kelvin
Chen Wei Han (陈威翰)
Zhang Chenguang (张晨光)
Na Liu Ping (刘娜萍) as Hong Hong
Tian Li (田丽)
Leung Ka Yan (梁家仁)
Shang Yi Sha (商忆沙)
Ken Tong 汤镇业
Eddie Ko (高雄)
Wang Gang (王岗)
Li Sibei 李思蓓
Zhou Ming Zeng 周明增
Qian Xuan 钱璇
Zhongjiu Fu 钟久夫

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宮鎖連城 宮3 片頭曲 The Palace-The Lost Daughter

Yuan Shan Shan

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