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The Return of the Condor Heroes 2006 神雕侠侣 

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【樱花飞舞】——樱花系列主题汉服外拍! 586元!!! 拍摄2套汉服(可自备汉服) 2组化妆盘发造型 免费提供饰品、头饰、拍摄道具如油纸伞等。拍摄100张,免费赠送全部原片,精选18张后期精修入册,相册为12寸封面水晶册。 (via 【樱花飞舞】——樱花系列汉服外拍!可预订!-淘宝网)

Model 珊珊


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Perfect Couple (金玉良缘), EP05

The Stripping Game

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A short illustration showing different styles of the Manchurian women’s wing-like headdress through early, mid and late Qing dynasty. When time allows, I’d like to create a much more in-depth version with many more drawings/styles. 


“Manchu women of position generally decorated their hair with a small comb whose frame was formed with wire or thin rattan strips and covered with black gauze, on which were embroidered green feathers. The commoners mostly wore ‘fork-shape’ buns. Later under the influence of the Han women, they came to wear flat buns. However, the bun became higher and higher towards the end of the dynasty until it was an ornaments of fixed shaped in the form of an ‘archway’, capable of being put on the head at will after putting a few flowers into it, hence the name of ‘big wings’.” (5,000 Years of Chinese Costume, pg. 173)

“Manchu women combed their hair into a flat chignon at the back with horns supported by a hair board, which was also called ‘double horns hair style.’ Very beautiful and unique, they often decorated hair with big flowers of vivid color or tassels.” (Chinese Clothing, 81)

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Perfect Couple (金玉良缘), EP05






My friend is getting married! She will have three looks during the wedding and the banquet…wow …

Oh my god she is beautiful oh my god bless you and best wishes for a happy marriage ahhhhhHHHH

congrats to your friend and i hope this is ok to reblog! 

Thank you all for the great greetings and blessings! It is totally fine to reblog :) I have asked her for the permission. 

congrats to your friend! :) and she’s really beautiful!

may she have a happy and blessed marriage!